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Car deed of sale, what is it?

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Buy a car in France
Buy a car in France
Buy a car in France
Buy a car in France

Car sales in France

The car is one of the most precious goods of French households; it is even the second most precious after real estate. There are two types of markets in this sector: new and used vehicles. Both have been on the rise since the end of 2013.

In 2014, the automotive market recovered after a long period of decline, thanks to the good performance of the second-hand market. There are 5.4 million used cars sold for only 1.8 million new cars. There was also a 2.4% increase in second-hand vehicle sales compared to the previous year, compared with only 0.5% for new vehicle sales.

A study on the second-hand sector published in 2014 states that 65% of second-hand car sales are made between private individuals.

Sale of vintage cars in France

All valuable old machines, such as vintage and old motorcycles, provided they are well maintained, as found on many websites, events and exhibitions are still booming today.

Vintage cars were designed at a time when there was a tendency to opt for soft shapes and elegant, sleek lines, giving them a unique aesthetic and timeless appeal, unlike most modern cars where functionality and safety are the watchwords when designing. Classic cars come from a time that many enthusiasts consider to be the golden age of the automobile,

One thing is for sure, finding and buying a vintage car at an affordable price in France is not difficult, but maintaining it well, on the other hand, can be tricky. You also have the ability to rent a vintage car, visit for more details.