Audi A3

The Audi a3 was built in 1996 and is in the compact premium category. This version is available in several variants, the last one being in 2012.

The premium compact of the Audi A3 and its successes

The first generation of the Audi a3 has been a resounding success in the automotive market. In 1996, it was already included in the upper range of cars with its dynamic and road qualities. This 1st version has kept its authority for several years. In 2003, the manufacturer developed its 2nd version of type 8P. It is equipped with 4 cylinders and its interior has been modified to become more spacious. At the end of this 2nd version, Audi built 2 sports models. In 2004, the manufacturer introduced the new Audi a3 called Audi a3 Sportback. There is no real difference in design, only it is equipped with 5 doors and the rear lights are getting closer. The family-type a3 Sportback has a larger trunk and many engines. The new version of Sportback was released in 2008. Its design has been modified with its new optics with LED bulbs and new cover.

The latest version of the 2012 A3 Audi

The latest generation of the Audi a 3 is the combination of the design of the enlarged A1 and A4 with its LED daytime running lights. Its characteristics keep all the styles of the brand. In this new Audi a3, the manufacturer highlighted its optics and shields. Two engines have have been launched in this version, including the 1.6 TDI and the 1.2 and 1.4 TFSI petrol. The a3 2012 Audi a3 stands out above all for its sporty and unique design with its narrow headlights and exterior mirrors mounted on the bodywork. The new Audi a3 also stands out from its aesthetics, with superior quality and impeccable comfort.

Audi A3 2012 Sportback

The manufacturer took advantage of all the qualities of the Audi a 3 to bring out the 5-door Audi a3 Sportback sedan in February 2013. It is elegant and its engines are profitable. Equipped with all the new technologies, this new version of the Audi has 3 versions 2012 allows you to browse Google Earth and Google Street View, enjoy the Audi music stream and Audi traffic information. Drivers can also connect to Facebook and tweeter.
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