Audi R8

The Audi R8 is part of the prestigious sports car category. It takes its name from the victorious race car at the Le Mans 24 Hours. It is a car that combines strength and power. Its dynamic and refined design makes it a distinguished two-seater.

The motorization of the Audi R8

The r8 offers the possibility of several engines. First, the standard model is equipped with a 420 HP V8 engine. Then comes the 5204 cm3 Audi r8 v10 with a displacement of 5204 cm3, which develops a power of 525 HP. For brand enthusiasts, the Audi r8 v10 is recognizable by the different noise of its engine. The Audi rs8, which is more powerful than the current r8, is also equipped with a v10 engine, unlike the original model, the Audi rs8 is equipped with 19-inch tires. Its aesthetics has also been slightly modified.

The aesthetics of the R8

Unlike the other Audi models, this time the rings are placed on the hood above the grille. Large air intakes are located on the front part. As with many models of sports cars, the bequet is deployed according to speed. The interior allows you to feel like in a sports car but with extra comfort! The flattened steering wheel, the signature of Audi's sports cars, makes it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The dark tones reinforce the prestigious character of this model.

Pleasure to drive your Audi R8 following the driver

Depending on the pleasure and thrill of each individual, the brand offers two versions of the gearbox: either manual with 6 gears or a sequential gearbox with paddles attached to the steering wheel. On the pneumatic side, the audir8 is not to be outdone. The latter is equipped with 18-inch wheels. For convertible enthusiasts, there is the Audi r8 spider. With its canvas hood, the Audi r8 spider is at the same level as its Italian or German competitors.
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