A few years after the birth of the X5 version, the German company unveiled the BMW x6, which is renowned for its agility and excellent handling on the road. Despite its larger size than its predecessor x5, the x6 takes up some of the latter's elements such as the chassis and the X: drive transmission. The differences between the two models are in the number of rear seats and the addition of knee supports and paddles on the steering wheel.

BMW x6 price: the SUV that adopts the new stylistic codes of the German firm

True to the German manufacturer's style, the BMW x6 m unveils itself with a redesigned design that offers it the new look of a pretty coupe and a sporty car. Embedded in a sporty 5-door body, this car has an inclined rear window. On board is a dashboard surrounded by two-tone Mugello Black/Red leather and a numbered plaque. Inside the X6 m's interior, you will find a Merino leather upholstery.

BMW x6 prices: modern equipment that reflects BMW's identity

To stand out, the German manufacturer has equipped its large and powerful SUV x6 m with a 6-speed automatic gearbox with sequential mode and an active rear differential. The tires of the BMW x6 tires rest on 21-inch aluminium rims. This x6 car is also equipped with a carbon fibber front spoiler blade, a black grille, as well as a trunk spoiler and rear diffuser.

X6: A power varying from 235 to 555 HP

The BMW x6 m is available in various engine types, including the 360-horsepower V6, the 407-horsepower twin-turbo V8 and the 91 and 86 horsepower capable of reaching 236 km/h for the BMW x6 Active Hybrid. It offers a maximum speed of 210 to 250 km/h. The torque peaks from 408 to 680 Nm. Concerning the mixed consumption of this BMW x6 m, it is from 8.2 to 13.9 litres/100 km
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