Sale of cars between private individuals: the seller’s obligations

When selling a car, all private or professional sellers must inform their customers of the condition of their vehicles. They must spontaneously indicate the qualities and defects of the car. The seller must also provide certain documents such as the non-pledge certificate and the crossed-out registration certificate.

Sell a car in accordance with the advertisement

The car must correspond to the description in the advertisement written by the seller. Thus, if the buyer notices that an accessory is missing when the car is delivered, even though it was mentioned in the advertisement, he has the right to claim it. If the vehicle sold does not correspond to the description of the offer, the buyer may file a complaint against the seller for deception. If the seller has carried out false manoeuvres such as concealing the accident, the buyer may request the cancellation of the sale or negotiate a reduction in the price of the car. Roadworthiness testing is an essential step in concluding the sale of a used car from private individual to private individual. The seller is obliged to guarantee the hidden defects of the car. Thus, even after the sale of the car, a defect existed on the day of the sale and is subsequently revealed, the seller takes care of the repair, replacement of the damaged part or cannot refuse the cancellation of the sale.

Documents to be provided when selling cars between private individuals

The seller must give the buyer the technical visit, which is less than 6 months old. Proof of roadworthiness test must be provided before the transaction. The roadworthiness test must be carried out every 2 years for old cars (more than 4 years old). Among the documents to be given to the new owner is the crossed-out registration document mentioning "sold on" or "transferred on" as well as the time, date and signature of the seller. For those who are passionate about vintage cars, we advise you to visit It will also be necessary to submit Cerfa n° 13754*02 which is none other than the vehicle transfer declaration form. The certificate of non-gage or certificate of administrative status is a document that guarantees that nothing prevents the sale of the car. Thanks to the non-pledge certificate, the registration certificate can be transferred. The car can be registered in the name of the new owner.
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