Car registration card: do the car registration procedures online

Since November 6th, 2017, it is no longer possible to obtain a vehicle registration document in prefectures and sub-prefectures, since the registration services there have definitively closed their counters. The car registration procedures are now mainly carried out on the Internet, a measure that is part of the general modernisation of the public service. The online registration is in fact obtained through a dematerialized procedure that makes the task much easier for users compared to the old formula.

Where can I go to send my request online?

The days when registration certificates could be issued at the prefecture are over. Apart from approved establishments (garages, dealerships) to which it is still possible to send their application by hand, users must now apply for a vehicle registration document on the Internet. This measure follows the momentum established since 2009 with the new registration system (SIV), the aim being to close the registration services of prefectures and sub-prefectures in favour of online registration formalities. In fact, several options are available when considering ordering a vehicle registration document on the Internet. Already, there is the website of the National Agency for Secure Securities (ANTS), which is the State's registration solution. However, it is important to note that the platform in question sometimes suffers from bugs and many individuals see their request blocked or very severely delayed. Moreover, the administration is not subject to delays in processing the requests it receives, so the slowness in processing is one of the main criticisms addressed to it. In addition to the site set up by the government for the reception and processing of car registration applications online, there are several service providers authorised and approved by the Ministry of the Interior who are present on the web. This is the case with dé, which frequently processes the various requests relating to the car registration document (change of cardholder or address, duplicate, etc.). And by the way, upon receipt of the complete file, the request is processed within 24 hours.

What are the advantages of doing car registration procedures on the Internet?

The advantages of issuing the registration certificate online are of various kinds. The first is of course the time saving (in comparison with the old formula as mentioned above). Indeed, even without ever having completed the car registration online, any user who has already completed the car registration procedures at the prefecture is aware that things are not done by the minute. In many cases, it is necessary to wait a few hours before submitting your file and obtaining the provisional registration certificate. More details on this subject on This is not the case with the dematerialised procedure. In a short time, and in a few clicks, the user can send his request, with the assurance that he will be processed in a short time (if it is an approved and authorized service provider). Moreover, the administration's schedules are no longer a detail that can prevent you from submitting your car registration application. With the online registration, it is possible to transmit your file at any time if you have access to the Internet and your scanned documents. In addition, when the complete file is received by the service provider, the provisional certificate of registration is generally sent within 24 hours at the latest and the original title is sent home a few days later. Based on these considerations, the new formula of making your registration online is fully advantageous, as it is both simple and fast.
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