Renault Scenic

Produced by the French manufacturer, the Renault Scenic and then the Mégane model will come from the production lines and the French brand's fans will remain loyal to it and some will be present at each release of a new Scenic. The reason for this success is due to the functionality of this spacious and easily modular car, which is perfectly suited to transport an entire family with total comfort.

The Scenic range

The first range was presented to the press in 1991, it appeared in the form of a concept car but was not marketed until 1996. Smaller than its big sister the Renault Espace, it has the same style and curves as the Mégane that appeared earlier. Despite a high price, the new Scenic is almost immediately successful Scenario 2, which is also a minivan, will follow, but it has been greatly improved and can now compete with Citroën's Opel Zafira and Picasso, which are becoming its main rivals.

The Scenic 2012

The third generation of the minivan appeared in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show with a new design, this model has more rounded shapes, which seduces the public. In 2012, this minivan is no longer presented, many versions are available with gasoline and diesel engines. The 2012 scenic has two special versions running on authentic eco2 bioethanol, equipped with a 110 hp four-cylinder engine, these minivans will seduce an ecological public.

Renault Grand Scenic

With its 7 seats and generous trunk, this versatile vehicle is specially designed for professionals who need a vehicle for their travels. The Renault Grand Scenic can become a real work tool, but it will also be suitable for a large family, the Renault Grand Scenic can accommodate the whole family and luggage. This vehicle will please large families because travel will be more pleasant with a vehicle that can accommodate all these people.
Renault trafic

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