Choose the car transport service that suits you best

You are planning a move and you are still hesitating about the vehicle transport service to take your car to its destination. Don't panic! Don't panic! In this article, we will reveal some tips and advice that will certainly help you in your decision-making.

Elements to consider before requesting a carrier

Finding a car transportation service is a relatively simple process, especially if you visit sites like However, there are some things to consider making your search easier. First, set a time limit for transport. Know when you need your vehicle. Second, it is important to identify the type of routing required for your valuable cargo. You can either use convoying or truck transport. The first has the advantage of being very economical while the second is faster and more secure. To reduce the relatively high cost of truck transport, you can request a multi-car trailer. Then choose the company based on its seniority and experience. You can even ask different consumers for their opinions on blogs. Select the professional carefully for this, also check his level of responsibility in case of problems.

Types of car transport

There are several types of car transport. First, towing is used for transfer over a short distance. It requires the use of approved traction, the presence of a driver in the towed vehicle and compliance with the instructions suggested by the competent authorities and the Highway Code. The towing of vehicles therefore follows certain rules that the company and the customer must comply with. On the other hand, the transport of vehicles on a platform is used to transfer the car over long distances. The flatbed truck can be covered or not. This type of service does not require a driver in the car to be coupled. This service also offers the transport of vehicles by groupage. Its objective is to reduce the cost of transportation for you and other owners. Finally, there is the delivery. It has now become a service for companies specialising in car transport. Initially reserved for individuals, it is developing in the world of professionals. This service consists of having other motorists drive their vehicle(s) to a specific location.

Do not neglect the estimate

Choosing a vehicle carrier is a very important step, as it saves money, time and protects your car from inadvertence. There are different possibilities for your car: towing, flatbed truck transport and conveyance. As we said in the first paragraph, do not hesitate to find out as much as you can about the company and the carrier who will take the package to where you want it. Once you have decided on the professional, you can ask him/her for a quote for your type of car and what type of insurance will cover your car in case of problems.  Do not skip this state in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and not to exceed the price you have set for the transfer.
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