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When car rental is a necessity choose a self-service system to save time and money. It offers a wide choice of local cars in various locations that are ready to use at any time of day or night. It's an affordable alternative to traditional vehicle rental but just as secure. Cars are easy to book and access through an online app. Vehicles are fully insured and there's even roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown.

Rent a Car Near Me

Throughout the UK and European countries there are currently at least 2.5 million instances of vehicle hire from a self-service scheme such as It's a scheme that's gaining in popularity because it couldn't be simpler to rent a car. It's a flexible system providing local car hire at short notice or for planned trips. Local car owners simply rent out their vehicles to drivers who need them. Owners in all types of locations have already joined the growing network listing their vehicles as available whenever they don't need to use them. It's easy to find a vehicle to rent outside the office hours of traditional vehicle rental agencies. To be eligible for the scheme vehicles have to be well-maintained in a sound roadworthy condition. Drivers can be confident of hiring a vehicle that's fully insured. Breakdown cover is provided and there's the option of paying for a reduced deductible for complete reassurance.

Affordable Car Rental Near Me

The self-service system is proving to be up to 30% less expensive than renting a vehicle from a traditional agency. All the arrangements are conducted online through an easy-to-use app which means a huge reduction in overheads allowing for affordable car hire. It's a flexible system where a vehicle can be rented for a few hours or several days. It's easy to locate a local car that's available for hire for as long as it's needed. Charges are set by the hour or day and are adjusted to accommodate additional mileage or insufficient refuelling. There's also the opportunity to earn credits when referring a friend.

Great Choice with Car Hire Near Me

With so many local car owners joining the scheme there is an extensive range of vehicles to choose from. A driver can usually rent a car that matches a make or model he or she is already familiar with. Traditional vehicle rental agencies frequently have a limited range of models which can sometimes be awkward to drive. A self-service network includes sophisticated filters enabling drivers to look for the right type of vehicle by make, rental cost or the facilities it provides.

How to Rent a Car Near Me

It's easy to join a self-service car scheme to rent a car. Upon registration, driving licence and photographic ID have to be uploaded for verification. Then simply use the filters to find an ideal car that's available for the desired amount of time. The whole procedure is conducted through the app and even includes unlocking the vehicle by remote control. The ignition keys will be inside although there are occasions when the owner will hand them over in person. Once the rental is over the car needs to be refuelled, left in a pre-arranged location and locked using the app.

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