Getting rid of an old wreckage for free

In the event that a vehicle wreckage that you do not know what to do with becomes cumbersome, whether it is damaged or already at the end of its life, it is essential to dispose of it properly by using the wreck removal services offered by an approved ELV (End-of-Use Vehicle) wrecker. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter that is out of order or intended for demolition, using a specialized service provider will relieve you of the administrative procedures involved in removing and destroying a wreck. It is also an opportunity to do an ecological gesture because the wrecks, whatever they are, will be cleaned up and recycled in an approved VHU centre.

Disposing of an old vehicle wreck: how should we proceed?

Of course, any end-of-life vehicle is classified as hazardous waste. As soon as a vehicle is considered as such, whether it is not repairable, or burnt, or rusty, or is immersed in water.... its owner is obliged to transfer it free of charge to an approved End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) centre under penalty of being sentenced to imprisonment for up to 2 years and which may be accompanied by a fine of €75,000. Thus, when you dispose of a wreck, you can dispose of it free of charge by immediately contacting an authorized VHU wrecker. It should be noted that it is thanks to this certification that the specialised service provider can treat end-of-life vehicles. In this case, the latter require a destruction procedure that only a wrecker with a VHU certification can carry out. If you are looking for a company that can quickly and efficiently remove the vehicle that will no longer be of any use to you, visit

Close-up of the procedure to follow to get rid of an old wreck for free

Having the wreckage removed free of charge in Paris first involves using an approved ELV centre to be granted an appointment. Indeed, the date that will be set will only depend on your availability, except on Sundays. When making contact, which is done by telephone, you will have to specify the conditions of access as well as the type of wreck to be removed so that the wrecker can prepare himself beforehand. You are also required to present your wrecker with certain documents that will allow him to handle all the administrative procedures resulting from the free removal of the wreckage: the original vehicle registration document, the identity document of the person who owns the vehicle registration document, a copy of your identity document, and the certificate of non-page not exceeding 15 days. If the vehicle considered to be a wreck has been involved in an accident, the wrecker who will remove it will need a VGE form (severely damaged vehicle) that you will have to provide it during the intervention. Once the removal has been completed, no further procedures are required. As soon as the vehicle arrives at the scrap yard, the company responsible for ensuring its demolition will send you a receipt for its handling. The latter will also ensure that the prefecture of your department can obtain a copy of this receipt. This document is therefore proof that the removal of your wreckage was carried out in accordance with the rules.

Free wreck removal by a VHU company: what are the advantages?

In addition to protecting yourself from criminal sanctions, using an ELV wrecker gives you the opportunity to get rid of a wreck that visually pollutes and clutters your outdoor space. Moreover, all the resulting procedures are free of charge, whether for individuals, companies, garages, communities, etc. Beyond its free nature, the intervention is carried out quickly and safely, even in areas that are difficult to access. In addition, the free removal of wrecks by a specialised company also concerns the ecological aspect, knowing that a vehicle considered as a wreck can very well cause water and soil pollution. This is normal given the polluting and toxic substances that are mainly found in the battery, radiator and engine of the vehicle.
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