How does wreck removal work?

Do you own a damaged or end-of-life vehicle and it encumbers your garage, parking lot or garden? If you want to dispose of your end-of-life vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, car or non-repairable utility truck, the best way is to use a wreck removal company that will be happy to do it for free. He will ensure a quick response, even in hard-to-reach areas. But what are the advantages of using a free wrecker and how does it work? What documents are required for a free wreckage removal?

What are the advantages of using a wrecker?

Owners of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are subject to obligations to sell or transfer their vehicles free of charge to an approved ELV centre. Any failure to comply with these regulations may result in a fine of 75,000 euros and up to 2 years' imprisonment. If you own a wreck, do not hesitate to use a company of this type. It will rid you of all the old vehicles that clog your outdoor space and visually pollute your environment. In addition, scrapping your car has several advantages: the service is completely free and fast. You will not pay anything, and he can intervene quickly, even if you live in a difficult to access place. The service allows you to remain ecological while respecting the environment. It should be noted that a wrecked vehicle contains polluting, even dangerous substances, especially in the battery, engine and radiator. Best of all, there is no need to worry about the administrative procedures for the destruction and reintegration of your equipment: the removal company will take care of it. You can visit for more information.

How does wreck removal work?

If you live in the Paris region and want to collect wrecks free of charge in Paris, just call a specialised company by phone or via the Internet on their website. The latter will ask you for the type of vehicle to be removed and the access conditions. You make an appointment to pick up your vehicle. Normally, you choose the right time for you, as towing drivers are often always available. On the day of pick-up, you must present all the necessary documents to shred your vehicle. The wreck removal company will take your end-of-life vehicle to an approved ELV centre for destruction, in accordance with the rules required by safety and environmental legislation. When your vehicle is removed, your wrecker will provide you with the certificate of destruction that fulfils any commitment.

What documents are required for a free wreckage removal?

On the day of the wreck removal, you will be asked to provide some papers related to your wreck. This will attest to the conformity of your vehicle. One of the ship wreckers will check the transfer papers with you. This is usually a photocopy of your vehicle registration document, a photocopy of your identity card and a certificate of non-payment less than 15 days old. A photocopy of your vehicle registration document is required to prove that it is your vehicle. A photocopy of your identity card with the mention "transferred on..." is also mandatory in case the documents are not in order. If the vehicle registration document has not been renovated, you can present the transfer certificate with your identity document. As for the certificate of non-gage less than 15 days old. This is a certificate that you can find on the website of your wreck removal service provider. It certifies the collection of wrecks from your end-of-life vehicle to the government. Finally, if the car to be removed has been involved in an accident, the company can ask you for the VGE form (severely damaged vehicle).
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