How to get your vehicle from the Rennes impound lot: how to do it?

Certain parking or other violations may be impounded. If you have recently driven in a region near Rennes and your car has been impounded, you might ask yourself: how do you get a vehicle from the Rennes impound lot? Focus on the subject.

Procedure and reasons for impounding in Rennes

A car may be impounded in Rennes if its parking is considered inconvenient, dangerous or abusive. This is particularly the case if it parks double-parked, if it is in a reserved area, if it remains in a public place for a maximum period of one week or if it parks in a high-risk area (curves, intersections, slopes, etc.). All these cases can be contravened and are punishable by a fine. But how is the impoundment in Rennes going? A judicial police officer or a police officer of Rennes is the person authorised to impound a vehicle. Once he has finished checking that it is not a stolen car, he writes a descriptive sheet of the car before its removal. He then draws up a report in which he highlights the reasons for impounding. The estimated time of collection should also be indicated. The impoundment in Rennes is carried out either by towing or by lifting the vehicle. An intervention by the owner is possible if the two wheels of his car have not yet left the ground. Otherwise, nothing can be done, and the headland recovery procedure must be followed. The steps to recover your car from the impoundment in Rennes To check if the car is really at the Rennes impound lot, it is advisable to call the impound lot, taking care to note the vehicle's license plate number. You may also wish to check with the nearest gendarmerie or police department where you left your vehicle. In this case, an authorization for restitution may be obtained from the municipal or national police station. You will need to provide proof of identity, a certificate of registration of the car. If the person in charge of recovery is not the owner of the vehicle, a certified copy of the vehicle's identity document and a written power of attorney containing his signature must also be provided. Once you get the authorization, you can quickly go to the impound lot to pay childcare expenses and get your car back.

Impoundment costs

It is good to know that the cost of recovering your vehicle from the headland in Rennes depends on several parameters to consider type of vehicle, public roads, number of parking spaces in the city, number of inhabitants, and even the average number of removals each year. In principle, if the owner presents himself at the pound in less than 3 days followed by collection, the costs to be paid will be lower. Otherwise, a larger amount of money will have to be provided. Indeed, as of the 4th day, we will have to plan for variable expertise fees depending on the vehicle's GVWR. Before going to the impound lot, do not forget your driver's licence and the vehicle's insurance certificate.

Recover your vehicle after 3 days

After 3 days, you will only be able to recover your vehicle if it is in good condition once all impoundment costs have been paid. In this case, the recovery must be made no later than 30 days after the vehicle has been examined. If, at the end of the expertise, the vehicle in the headland in Rennes has defective parts, the vehicle can only be recovered after having undergone repairs carried out by an authorised professional. It is only after receipt of a valid certificate that the owner will be able to recover his car. If at the end of the assessment, the vehicle is declared "wrecked", it will no longer be allowed to travel on public roads until the owner decides to incur very costly costs. If necessary, it will be destroyed by the competent authorities in Rennes. The owner has only 10 days after receipt of the impoundment to recover his vehicle in a wrecked condition. In any case, if after one month after the arrival of the vehicle at the Rennes impoundment, the owner does not appear, the administration considers the car in question as abandoned. In this area, depending on the results of the expertise, it will either be resold to the domain services or destroyed.
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