Mercedes class B

The Mercedes class b will provide you with unbeatable comfort and maximum safety. Its design and style would also suit your desires and needs.

The Mercedes B class: for a promising future

Nowadays, owning a luxury car is equivalent to as much prestige as comfort when travelling. The Mercedes car range has always attracted many drivers thanks to its performance and specific features. Today, Mercedes is still renewing its range with the launch of this unique car.

Mercedes class B: success and more

Filling the void in the Mercedes range since 2005, the b-Class is a minivan that was restyled and perfected in 2008. The recipe for making this little wonder has been well rewarded. Class b is a huge success with drivers as it has become everyone's favourite luxury car.

Full power with class B

The engine of this new b-class has unrivalled power. It should be noted that this car can reach a maximum speed of 174 to 225 km/h and consumes an average of 4.4 to 8.1 l/100 km. Benefiting from maximum safety, the Mercedes b 180 has an interior made of fine, high-quality materials that also provides its occupants with an immense sense of comfort. In addition, high-end equipment and accessories have been added to the luxury of the 2012 Mercedes B-Class.

The new class B: a dream acquisition

Who doesn't want to have a Mercedes b 180 in their possession? It can surely suit your style and perfectly meets your needs in terms of security and reliability. This 2012 b-class Mercedes meets environmental standards. Its design will also please you with its fluid and harmonious lines. This top-of-the-range car fully meets the requirements to be a commercial car while preserving the elegance and prestige that have made the brand famous.
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