Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo continues to show exceptional qualities over the years. With each new version, the manufacturer Renault unveils interesting things that make this type of vehicle an excellent vehicle in every respect. In addition to its main mission as a utility vehicle, this vehicle has recently undergone improvements allowing its users to combine practice with comfort.

A new Express kangoo that dazzles users

The new Kangoo Express, which is an addition to the old versions of this model, will dazzle users in every way. Its front end equipped with a new shield and new optics make this vehicle an impressive means of transport. On the passenger side, the dashboard has been redesigned and decorated with a new steering wheel. The design of the electric version is more distinguished with a very visible logo in addition to pretty black projector masks as standard.

kangoo utility practical and comfortable.

The Kangoo utility vehicle is a freight vehicle, yet it is designed to provide convenience and comfort to users. The Kangoo Express is a tailor-made vehicle that meets the different needs. Thanks to this possibility, users can choose between three versions: the Kangoo Express Compact, the Kangoo Express and the Kangoo Express Maxi.

The kangoo ze is a fully electric utility vehicle.

The Kangoo ze is a light commercial vehicle with 2 seats, it is a fully electric version. Its commercialization began in the fall of 2011. This new version of renault Kangoo retains the same functional qualities as the thermal versions, in terms of cargo volume, payload and comfort. The Kangoo ze made its first appearance at the 2010 Hanover Motor Show. In 2012 he was able to obtain the title "International Van of the year 2012", being noticed at the time as the first electric vehicle to win this title.
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