Renault trafic

The leader in light commercial vehicles compared to Citro├źn c25 and Peugeot J5 vans, the Renault Trafic was first launched on the market in 1980.

Renault trafic: a complete utility vehicle

The Renault Fourgon range has 2 lengths, 2 heights, 2 load levels and 3 equipment levels. The loading area is easily accessible, the number of seats can vary up to nine in the Renault trafic 9 places. During heavy loads, passengers also travel safely, thanks to the personalised layout of the vehicle's interior. The choice of windows is also optional. Each vehicle is equipped with a large diameter disc brake system and ABS to ensure safe braking.

Passenger traffic and generation traffic

Passenger traffic and Generation traffic are two private vehicles that offer maximum comfort to both driver and passengers. The Passenger, also known as Renault trafic 9 places, allows associations and large families to travel safely, with its 9 seats and airy interior. Its 2.0 dCi engine offers a very appreciable driving flexibility. Trafic generation allows for an even more complete interior layout: swivel seats, bench that can be transformed into a bed... Your car allows you to travel with every possible comfort. It's ideal for a long trip.

Traffic development: a mini camper van, to travel everywhere

With your traffic being converted, the trunk of your car becomes a living space. The entire cabin is isolated and illuminated, with lighting controlled by a switch. The space also includes a table, which you can store as you wish (it can be retracted and dismantled). The bench can be converted into a sofa bed, but it is also comfortable as a bench during the journey. Ideal for travelling alone or with several people, but also for special uses, such as fishing or hunting. Your Traffic retains its capabilities and security specificities, whether you choose a Passenger, a layout or a generation.
Renault Scenic

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