The advantages of making your registration online

A mandatory document that serves as the vehicle's identity card, the grey card is useful for identifying the vehicle. This registration certificate has always been requested from the prefecture, but since the new system came into force in 2009, the request can be made online.

Online registration form

The advantages are numerous for both users and the prefecture. For the latter, processing an online registration request allows her to avoid the daily stress of long lines of users. For users, this is very convenient in terms of time and location. Each user is no longer obliged to travel. He can make his registration online thanks to the existence of certain sites authorized and approved by the Ministry of the Interior. These sites are professionals and offer their service to help users easily send a car registration request. Making your registration online is also simple and quick since it is enough to fill in the requested information before receiving the registration by mail after the application has been submitted.

How to make a car registration online?

There are four steps to follow to make a car registration online. The first concerns the sending of an order by completing the online car registration form. In this form, you enter your personal information as well as the data concerning the car to be registered. After finalizing the order, you must collect the file with the required supporting documents. When the documents are complete, you send this complete file to the processing centre. If a part is missing, a manager will contact you to explain the problems. The file will only be processed once all the documents are complete. If the documents are all there from the first sending, the processing of the file will be fast, within 24 hours only. After 24 hours, you will receive a model of your registration document by email. It is still provisional, but the real original registration document will be issued to you by the national printing house. This card will be sent by registered mail directly to your current home.
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