The different ways to buy a used car

You decided to buy a second-hand car, and you found that the 208 Peugeot model was right for you, after research and comparisons. After the various technical steps for the visit, the tests, the verification of the related documents in a Peugeot webstore and the final negotiation of the price, it is time to move on to the implementation. This next step concerns the payment of the vehicle. Although it may seem like a formality that separates you from the moment you become a homeowner, it can present unexpected complications. Fortunately, you can choose from many solutions to get you there, and make your dream come true.

Cash payment

Considered the easiest and most classic way to make a purchase, you can use it to pay for your used car. After discovering your favourite model on and completing all the steps, you decide to go to the checkout. Unfortunately, as he is a professional, you do not have the possibility to pay more than one thousand euros in cash. In addition, you do not have enough cash in your bank account for payment by cheque or bank transfer. Moreover, even if you have a satisfactory supply, these methods would present risks in the purchase of a used car, both for you and for the seller. Indeed, the latter will only be able to dispose of the money within 48 to 72 hours of the transaction, and it will be legitimate for him to refuse to let you leave with the car beforehand. On the other hand, the transfer places you at risk of being unable to withdraw from the contract in the event of anomalies subsequently noted on the vehicle.

Payment on credit

The cash payment method knows its limits, so fortunately you have other ways to help you get this model that is dear to you. You can simply approach your manager to take out a credit. For the purchase of a vehicle, banks will logically offer you a car loan, an offer reserved for individuals who wish, as the term indicates, to have a loan to buy a car. However, this option is limited only to this specific destination, and is generally traded at a rate that is dissuasive in the long term. But you can also choose other alternatives, such as a personal credit that is freer in relation to the use of the money obtained. In any case, you can ask your account manager to perform all possible simulations. This will provide you with a comparison of all existing offers. You will then decide quietly what type of credit you think is best for your project.

Other types of financing

In addition to these previous possibilities, there are also more modern ways to help you find a way to buy your car. Although they are generally payment methods for new vehicles, they are also beginning to affect second-hand vehicles. First, in the concept of leasing or leasing, a financing organization takes care of buying the property for you. This third-party intervener represents a guarantee for the seller, who will let you leave immediately with the car. For your part, you commit yourself to the landlord by depositing a sum as a first contribution, and a monthly amount until the full price and interest have been paid. You then officially become the owner of the car once the related administrative formalities have been completed. Alternatively, you can also choose to rent with a purchase option. The car will belong to you after payment of the residual value of the rented vehicle at the end of the agreed period.
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