The safety car by Audi

It is at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the German manufacturer will present the evolution of its A8 L Security model. This armoured vehicle is now certified class VR9, for information class VR9 is the highest level of protection for a civilian vehicle. "The safest Audi" according to the car manufacturer


First, the German manufacturer has increased the robustness of its safety car by assigning it a VR9 standard armor against a VR7 class armor for last year's model. This armour is made of hot-formed steel, but the vehicle also has other very resistant materials such as aluminium or aramid fibre alloys (equivalent to the Kevlar present on vests by bullets). The German brand has added Run Flat tires to this, which allow the vehicle to continue to run even after a flat tire. A technology that dates to 1934 but has only been on the market for about ten years. Regarding the engine, the buyer will have the choice is between a 4.0 TFSI twin-turbo V8 that displays 435 hp for 600Nm of torque or a W12 FSI that is equipped with 500 hp and 625 Nm of torque. These two engines are combined with a permanent all-wheel drive system with an electronically limited top speed of 210 km/h. So a priori if like in a Fast and Furious two gangster cars chasing you, you can resist the impacts of their bullets, drive with punctured tires and try to lose them with a speed limited to 210km/h. You will tell me that you still must be chased by gangsters in your daily life....

A paranoid car?

Audi A 8 This car is optimized for the safety of its passengers and rather addresses the demands of celebrities who need increased security from hordes of hysterical fans. However, Mr. Everyone can also afford this vehicle if they wish, even if a bullet resistance, puncture-proof wheels and an armoured body seem a little exaggerated for everyday use by a normal citizen, except if he is slightly paranoid. For speed enthusiasts, it will therefore be necessary to move towards cheaper, more powerful and therefore certainly more entertaining cars.
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