Summer 2019 shines with high temperatures and beautiful sunny days. That's why, at Fast Lease, we've put together a selection of fun cars for you. They are perfect for enjoying the sunny days. Cabriolets, sporty or versatile muscular, let's go for a trip to the heart of automotive pleasure.


A pleasure car can have several characteristics, it can be sporty or versatile while remaining very playful. Also, she can discover herself and offer a driving experience with hair and winds very pleasant for her passengers. The impulse aspect is also to be considered when choosing a pleasure car, so our selection remains subjective.


It is recognizable by its sporty design and triangular grille. As you can see, we have chosen the beautiful and charismatic Alfa Roméo Giulia. The Italian sedan is available in 2 petrol engines 160 and 190 hp and a 136 hp diesel. The latter is included in the Fast Lease catalogue. This vehicle embodies sportiness with its alcantara bucket seats and a needle dashboard reminiscent of the sporty coupe of yesteryear. And not to forget the driver's pleasure, you'll enjoy incisive steering, an agile and balanced chassis. All these arguments make the driver smile. Finally, this diesel version is available for 550€ per month on By choosing this model, you will enhance your business trips with driving pleasure.


Convertibles are the ultimate pleasure cars; they are recognizable by their hood that can be retracted in good weather. In this category, Fast Lease offers two emblematic models that are perfect for summer walks. The first one embodies the dolce vita; it smells good in the 60s and is obviously the beautiful Fiat 500C. This small car is full of charm; indeed, the combination of cream bodywork and burgundy hood makes its effect. Its manoeuvrability and small size make it a perfect car to go to the beach with your hair in the wind. Version 1.2 is available for only 260€ per month at Fast Lease. The second is ideal for moving around town, it can be parked anywhere, it is obviously the Smart, a marginal brand, but above all original. This year, it surprises us again with a 100% electric convertible model. The Fortwo Cabrio EQ is of course ideal for the city and offers a unique driving experience with its quiet operation and sunroof. It is offered by Fast Lease for only 220€ per month.


The ultimate English 4×4 brand is obviously Range Rover, it hit again very hard with the Velar. This unique SUV with its sleek lines, detailed designs and top-of-the-range finishes makes it a pleasure car par excellence. This does not prevent it from being perfectly versatile, with its 180-horsepower diesel engine and 4-wheel drive. In conclusion, Fast Lease offers a wide variety of cars and motorcycles for professionals. In its catalogue, we obviously find beautiful nuggets to enjoy this beautiful summer season.
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