The steps to be taken when selling a car

Are you considering selling your car to offer you a new one? For your transaction to be a real success, it will be necessary to organize the sale of your car well. To do this, it will be necessary to prepare the various steps that will have to be taken at the time of the sale in question.

What documents should be provided to the potential buyer?

You will need to provide certain documents to the potential buyer of your car at the time of sale. There are four of them, including the vehicle registration document, which will indicate the words "sold on" with the date and signature of the seller. It is also important to mark the time of sale during the registration period. Then, the transfer certificate published in 2 copies dated and signed by the seller, the first copy of which will be for the seller, and the second for the buyer. In this copy will be found the exact information on the car whose make, type, power.... The certificate of no pledge is also to be provided in order to prove that nothing and no one is opposed to the sale. The document specifies whether the vehicle is pledged or not, and this must be requested from the prefecture within a maximum period of 1 month before the sale. A certificate of roadworthiness test is also required if the car is 4 years old or older. This document must be dated less than 6 months to be valid.

What are the steps to be taken with the prefecture?

The seller will also have to take certain steps with the prefecture in connection with the sale of his vehicle. Within 15 days after the sale, a copy of the declaration of transfer of the car must be submitted to the prefecture to indicate that you are no longer responsible for your car.

What are the steps to take with the insurer?

When you separate from your car, you will have to report this operation to your insurance company. To do this, you will send a letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt before the date scheduled for the sale of the car. By this action, you will stop the payment of the insurance premium and at the same time, you release yourself from any liability towards the car in case of possible infractions or other incidents in which your old car is involved. It should be noted that these steps will have to be carried out, also in the event of a vehicle exchange
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