What are the most sought-after car parts on the internet?

Here is a sector that is not in crisis: the automotive sector. New registrations increased by a further 7% in March with 541,067 vehicles registered, and in the market, demand for spare parts is an important factor. A diversified range of automotive accessories such as the GPS car radio are of interest to some people wishing to buy or renovate their cars.  Here, we look at the most sought-after car parts, whether you own a new or used car.

Change the retro, broken in traffic jams, in a car park....

In some cities, motorists even change it several times a year! the mirror, which is not folded down when you park, is very likely to be "decapitated"! Yes, in the city, when people make slots, go through narrow streets without slowing down, or when a motorcycle passes a car... in short, it's often the retro that overhangs that jumps! And if on old cars, the spare part remains affordable, on new ones, the retro contains a whole automation mechanism which, if damaged, can be quite expensive to replace. So, in town, don't forget to fold down the mirror to avoid changing it regularly!

Front windshield wipers

Again, this is an auto part that is regularly changed by drivers. This is normal because the wipers wear out as they are used and after a few years it is necessary to change them. Bad tongues will say that they must be changed more often in the north because of more frequent rains than in the south, but that is not true. No distinction between motorists, whatever their region, all must change them regularly to ensure that they have a very clean windscreen and are effectively cleaned in the event of rain.

The brake pads

Here too, here is a part that wears out quickly on cars: the brake pads are changed regularly, and moreover, we often fear having to change them during the roadworthiness test. Yes, pads wear quickly depending on the driving conditions and this is one of the key safety points, regardless of the make of your car (Peugeot, Mercedes, BWM, Audi or other).
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