Why buy a new Citroën from a car representative?

The car agent functions as a broker by purchasing cars from dealers after negotiating the rates and then selling them to his customers at a very attractive price. Thanks to this financial advantage and its advantages in terms of quality of service and reliability, the Citroën representative is the ideal alternative for the purchase of a new vehicle.

New vehicles at very attractive prices

The first and main advantage is the financial aspect. Indeed, the Citroën representative makes it possible to make significant savings when buying a new Citroën car since he offers a price like that of a used vehicle. These extremely attractive prices are made possible by the large volumes that agents buy from dealers. These price differences, which can be very advantageous, vary from one model to another. In addition, even if the agent has a stock of cars ready to be sold, he can also meet a demand for a tailor-made vehicle always at a much more attractive price than in a dealership. To consult all the offers of cheap Citroën vehicles, click here!

Choice, service and flexibility

Buying a new Citroën from a car representative is interesting in terms of practicality because the latter has catalogues from the manufacturer and can offer car configuration through its website. Customers can therefore enjoy a wide choice of models from among the many Citroën promotions on offer and obtain a quote from home. Regarding delivery, the vehicle can be handed over to its new owner throughout the country. It is also possible for the Citroën car representative to deliver the vehicle sold to a Citroën dealer if the customer so wishes. In terms of formalities, this car broker offers the same specificities as dealers with the extended warranty and a maintenance contract. Buyers can take advantage of other comfortable services such as prefectural procedures, car registration, plate placement and even vehicle preparation. Another service offered by Citroën's automotive representative is the estimation and take-back of an old vehicle. This free service is carried out efficiently and rigorously and relieves the future buyer of the constraints of searching for a buyer, negotiating prices and carrying out administrative procedures for sale.

A serene and secure acquisition from a trusted institution

The Citroën automotive representative offers all the qualities required to enable buyers to acquire a new vehicle with complete peace of mind. Reliable, serious and competent, the establishment guarantees a procedure carried out in optimal conditions of trust and listening. The vehicles offered are all compliant, as they come from the European Union and official distribution channels, all the authorisations and accreditations required to be able to drive in France are present in the same way as for vehicles sold in dealerships. Similarly, the level of security required is quite similar. Because of their origin, Citroën vehicles in Europe all hold the original manufacturer's warranty. As far as maintenance is concerned, the contract allows you to benefit from the services of the dealerships, which cannot refuse to take charge of your vehicle. The car representative also offers his customers the "satisfied or refunded" guarantee, which offers the possibility of reversing his decision within 14 days or before the first 1000 kilometres.
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