How to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle in Paris?

Abandoning an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) or a wrecked vehicle on the sidewalk is prohibited by law, even if it may disturb its owner by remaining in its surroundings. So, if you live in or near Paris and want to get…

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Summer 2019 shines with high temperatures and beautiful sunny days. That’s why, at Fast Lease, we’ve put together a selection of fun cars for you. They are perfect for enjoying the sunny days. Cabriolets, sporty or versatile muscular, let’s go…

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How does wreck removal work?

Do you own a damaged or end-of-life vehicle and it encumbers your garage, parking lot or garden? If you want to dispose of your end-of-life vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, car or non-repairable utility truck, the best way is…

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Getting rid of an old wreckage for free

In the event that a vehicle wreckage that you do not know what to do with becomes cumbersome, whether it is damaged or already at the end of its life, it is essential to dispose of it properly by using…

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Which SUV to buy in 2019?

SUVs are among the most popular cars among French drivers. Designed halfway between off-road 4×4 and high-end sedan, the SUV car is now designed to replace MPVs in favour of more efficient and comfortable vehicles. While this trend is now…

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